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Dealing with Divorce when Your Spouse Leaves You

    D-Day: The moment she tells you it’s over.   Women end most relationships.   60% of all divorce filings are by women.  If the breakup has come as a surprise to you, your most immediate concern is dealing with your own emotions.  Whether it was an affair or something benign, you probably won’t […]

D Day: The state converts same sex domestic partnerships to marriage automatically on June 30, 2014

In one week, the State of Washington is converting thousands of domestic partnerships to marriage. This applies only to the 6,605 active same sex couples registered with the State of Washington.  It does not apply to heterosexual couples who are registered as domestic partners.   Converting same sex domestic partnerships to marriage There were 7,857 […]

King County Paternity Case Filings – More on the Domestic Case Situation in King County

  King County paternity case filings.   Last week there was an article about the slight drop in filings in King County Superior Court for domestic case filings.  Typically we find that divorce filings are proportional to the state of the economy where as bankruptcy filings are inversely proportional.  The saying goes that when the economy […]

Russell Wilson Files For Divorce

All Star Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson filed for divorce last week.   From a legal perspective, Mr. Wilson should expect to pay a relatively small amount in support to his current wife in the form of either alimony or equitable distribution of the martial assets.  Speculating what the final outcome will be in his […]

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