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7 reasons trials are different from temporary hearings.

  `Are you “trial” experienced’?   Have you ever been to trial?  If you haven’t, you’re in for an experience!  Trials are vastly different than a family law motion calendar or a court date about temporary orders.  Trials are different from temporary hearings for seven reasons: stick factor, length of time, cost, preparation, stress, odds […]

Getting a Snohomish County continuance in your divorce trial.

Yesterday I wrote about getting a continuance in King County.  I wrote about what they are and what to say when you go about requesting them.  Today, I am writing about Snohomish County continuances.  To understand the way continuances work in Snohomish County, it’s important to understand how the case scheduling works first.   In […]

Practical tips on what to do when you go to family law court.

  Most of our clients spend some time in court at the Temporary Order Hearings in King County or Snohomish County Superior Court.  For many of our clients, this is usually the first time they’ve appeared in front of a judicial officer in Washington State.   Almost all of them, if they would admit it, are […]

Temporary Order Hearings v Trials and Final Orders – Which one is more important?

So….Does it really matter? Temporary Order Hearings v Trials In Family Law and Divorce cases in King County and Snohomish County, most divorce and third party custody cases will go to court early in the case in what is called a temporary orders hearing.  I’m often asked which one is more important.  When it comes […]

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