How Tim Nearly Lost Visitation Rights when His Ex-Wife Decided to Move

  How to avoid losing visitation rights when your spouse moves.   Tim had a very amicable divorce.  In fact, Tim and his ex-wife used two “collaborative law” attorneys to wrap up their divorce in about 120 days.  When Tim obtained his divorce from his ex-wife in 2009, they had worked together to develop a parenting […]

Belcher Had Doubts about Child’s Paternity before Murder-Suicide

The mother of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, who shot and killed his girlfriend before killing himself, has confirmed that the athlete had doubts about the paternity of this child.  Investigators are probing this fact to determine whether such concerns were at the root of the horrible tragedy. On December 1, 2012, the football […]

Dealing with Divorce during the Holidays

For divorced parents, the holidays can especially fraught with minefields.  If this is your first holiday season after a divorce, then you can expect the stress to be magnified. Experts recommend that parents not overburden themselves with unrealistic expectations, and avoid setting goals that are too-high for the holiday season.  For instance, if you ex-spouse […]

Disabled Parents Face Discrimination in Child Custody, Family Law Matters

Decades after the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, there is one section of the disabled population that continues to face blatant prejudice.  Disabled parents often find that they may lose child custody, because authorities don’t believe that they’re capable of caring for the child. The National Council on Disability recently released a report […]

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