Child Custody in Seattle, WA

A Seattle child custody attorney can help protect your rights.

Child custody is a key part of any divorce agreement, and because the future of your children is at stake, there are naturally a great deal of emotions and feelings involved. Unmarried parents face a different proceeding, but whatever the case, there are several major issues that must be resolved in a child custody agreement.

The guidelines of a Washington State child custody agreement will have a major impact on the present, and future, well being of children. At The Seattle Family Law Group, our Seattle child custody attorneys work with you to create a parenting plan and also help with temporary orders and making modifications to existing agreements.

We realize that your children are your most precious possessions, and we’ll fight for you to ensure they receive the right amount of support, both financial and emotional. At The Seattle Family Law Group, we help protect what’s valuable to you.

Parenting plans and temporary custody in Seattle, WA.

In the state of Washington, it is assumed that some form of shared parenting will be the norm. The law further assumes that spending time with both parents is in the best interests of the child, and both parents should have their fair share in making parental decisions.

A parent plan addresses physical custody, which outlines the residential schedule, and legal custody, which details whether one or both parents have rights to make decisions for the child, such as religious upbringing, education, healthcare and activities.

Preparation is key in cases of temporary orders. When custody petitions or divorce papers are filed, a hearing will be set by the court, to issue temporary custody, visitation and child support orders.

This step provides stability to a family when divorce matters need to be organized. If a custody case proceeds to trial, temporary orders play a major role in determining who is awarded custody. Professional legal counsel is crucial at every step.

If you or someone you know has custody issues, please contact a child support attorney at  The Seattle Family Law Group today.