Determination of Child Support in Washington State

Determining the amount of child support in Washington State is quick and easy. The income of each parent is indexed on the state’s child support worksheet and monthly support is based on that combined number and the number of children in the family.

In the event that the combined income exceeds $7,000, a cap is placed on the amount of child support, unless the receiving parent can prove that a higher amount will be needed.

Special requirements also effect the amount and include day care, health insurance, medical and educational needs.

While this process sounds easy to understand and implement, we recommend the help of an experienced lawyer who can ensure that you receive the right amount of monetary support.

Once an amount has been determined, there might be problems with timely payment and income reporting. Some cases require proof of income, and life changes such as loss of a job, a raise in salary, or re-marriage effect the monthly amount of child support.

The Seattle Family Law Group is staffed by attorneys who know child support, agreement enforcement and even modifications. From the very start, we’ll work to ensure you receive the right amount of money, and that the details of the agreement are clearly stated and understood by both parties. Any post-decree changes can be handled by our staff.

If you have questions about child support or require representation, enforcement or modification to existing agreements, contact The Seattle Family Law Group.