Post Decree Modifications

Explaining Post-Decree Matters

The only constant in life is change, and it’s no different when it comes to life after a divorce. Changing situations in relationships, income and social matters can trigger the need for the help of a professional lawyer to deal with new developments. It also helps when that lawyer is familiar with family law, child support and parenting. The attorneys at The Seattle Family Law Group have had extensive experience in these matters, and they’re ready to take care of your needs in court.

Changes which happen to each spouse that effect the terms of a divorce are referred to as post-decree matters and can include a parenting plan, child support agreements or spousal support. These matters require the court to become involved, and circumstances must be presented and can include illness, unemployment or a significant change in income. Other factors include a change in the needs of the children or relocation issues of a parent, step-parent adoption and child custody.

Regardless of the factors leading to this change, the court will usually place the needs and best interests of the child first. These new developments can be emotionally taxing, and they require a personal, professional handling so there is no damage done to the family members involved. The Seattle Family Law Group has helped many families navigate the challenges of post-decree modifications, we’re ready to help you.

Make sure your post-decree modifications are handled by experts, contact The Seattle Family Law Group today.