Recovery of Attorney’s Fees

About recovery of attorney’s fees.

Any divorce or domestic partnership dissolution can be emotionally draining. When one of the parties is unwilling to reach an agreement, it lengthens the dissolution and increases legal expenses.

Drawing out each action is  a tactic used by opposing counsel or future ex-spouse to place pressure on the financially disadvantaged partner. A skilled attorney from The Seattle Family Law Group  can request recovery of attorney’s fees from the other party. We want to protect your rights the financial future of your children.

Very often in family law matters, one party has more finance resources than the other. Typically, this is the person with control of the finances. In cases where there is a great difference in the financial resources of the two parties, a court will order the litigant with greater capability to pay all or some of the costs.

An award of attorney’s fees will be based upon the income and resources of each of the parties involved. At your initial consultation, your attorney from The Seattle Family Law Group will discuss the fees associated with your case and the likelihood that the court will award reasonable attorney’s fees.

Our experienced and professional team is prepared to offer sound advice and guidance in property division, legal separation, child custody and support, spousal maintenance, child relocation, modifications and more.

We recognize that when children are involved, the parents will have an on-going relationship for some years and we will make every effort to insure co-operation from your former spouse. When an issue can only be resolved in the courtroom, we are aggressive in protecting our client’s rights.

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