Child Abuse

Righting the wrongs of child abuse.

Child abuse ranges from severe beatings to constant yelling to an absence of any physical affection. When this is discovered, the parent must move quickly or risk being charged with failure to protect a child from harm. In some cases, innocent parents are accused of domestic violence by malicious parties – strong legal representation is a must in this event.

Dealing with child abuse requires a strong will and extensive legal knowledge. We possess these skills, along with concern for our clients. The Seattle Family Law Group will take care of you and your children, and help end the abuse.

Protective order to protect the child.

The first step is to obtain a protective order , which bars the abuser from the house. We go a step further and petition the court to prevent the abuser from coming in contact with the child outside of the home environment. Our attorneys also know to ask the court for suitable child support and maintenance.

In the majority of cases, the court issues a temporary order with a hearing date set for two weeks in the future on whether to make the protective order permanent. The police will serve the order on the abusing parent in order to maintain your safety.

Defending parents wrongfully accused.

When divorces turn nasty, a parent might be accused wrongly of abusing a child. Our firm will defend innocent parents from these charges and make sure that the child is protected at all costs. We won’t let your reputation become damaged by a vengeful ex-spouse.

Child abuse is a serious matter, and it requires serious legal representation. Contact The Seattle Family Law Group – ¬†we’ll work tirelessly to protect you and your children.