Same-Sex Marriage

Our Seattle gay divorce attorneys can help you deal with unique separation issues.

The Washington court recognizes the legal rights of persons involved in same-sex relationships, whether they are seeking the disillusionment of a domestic partnership or a common divorce. However, the laws that govern these actions are often complex, so professional legal guidance is highly recommended. Our Seattle same-sex divorce lawyers are experienced handling cases under both the older set of laws and the newer laws that govern domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages.
When dealing with Seattle divorce issues involving the division of property and other assets, difficult choices must sometimes be made. People in unmarried same-sex relationships have similar rights to that of any other married couple, although most people are entirely unaware of this fact. If you need help understanding how the Washington law applies to your situation, our Seattle gay divorce lawyers are ready to assist you. When dealing with a divorce, it’s vital that you make informed decisions about your future, so asking for professional help makes sense.

Our Seattle same-sex divorce attorneys will make sure you’re fully prepared.

If you were in a same-sex relationship without being married, the court will want to ascertain certain details about your life and living arrangements. The Seattle same-sex divorce attorneys from The Seattle Family Law Group will prepare you for these questions, so that there aren’t any surprises.
The court may ask questions dealing with property ownership, the date when your relationship began, whether your domestic partnership was registered, and if you were commonly referred to as “partners” by those in your circle of friends. This information will then be used to determine if your case can be heard in the Washington family court. If so, you are considered to be in a legally recognized marriage, which means that divorce law applies to your situation.
Even if the family court refuses to hear your case, you still have legal rights concerning your Seattle property and assets. Once you fully explain your previous living arrangements, our Seattle gay divorce attorneys can offer you with more personalized information.

Our Seattle gay divorce lawyers can assist you, even if you’re not registered in a domestic partnership.

Gay individuals who aren’t registered in a domestic partnership often mistakenly believe that they have little legal recourse in regards to their assets or property when the relationship terminates. However, assets and property acquired while together, as a couple are likely still subject to division. Common Seattle assets that fall under this situation include savings accounts, retirement accounts, and even real estate.
Obviously, there are a lot variables involved in a gay divorce or same-sex marriage, so you should seek reliable legal counsel from our experienced Seattle gay divorce attorneys. Dividing Seattle property while emotions are boiling over often causes regret at a later date when the stress of the situation is lower. Decisions that will affect your future should only be made when you are thinking rationally, so our Seattle same-sex divorce attorneys will help you keep a cool head so that you can make reasonable choices.
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