Property Division

Because Washington State sees property division as 50/50, couples who are proceeding with a divorce should consult a divorce attorney to determine assets which are community property and those that are separate property.

This is a crucial step in the divorce process, and having a caring, intelligent lawyer assist you reduces the stress level you’re experiencing, and ensures you receive what’s rightfully yours.

Even non-married couples who are in a marriage-like, or meretricious, relationship may be subject to the same rules as married couples. This scenario is a strong possibility if a couple is not registered as a domestic partnership or doesn’t have a formal cohabitation agreement.

Definitions of property are as follows:

  • “Separate property” is that property which you or your partner owned before your marriage or domestic partnership began.


  • “Community property” is any property or asset you or your partner acquired after your marriage or partnership began.


  • “Exceptions” are inheritances and gifts which are considered separate property even if received during the marriage or partnership. Complexities exist in these situations and are best addressed by one of our property division lawyers.


Classifying what belongs to who can result in uncomfortable, even heated, discussions. The lawyers on our team have the experience to help you navigate such processes as the division of marital property, including debt division.

While we always strive to resolve problems outside the court room, we’re prepared to represent you in an aggressive, but professional manner.

Find out more about property division by contacting The Seattle Family Law Group, we’ll work tirelessly to help ensure that you keep what’s rightfully yours.