Ten Tips for Divorcing Parents

It’s impossible to say how a child will react to divorce, because it’s difficult and traumatic for everyone involved. Avoid unnecessary damage to your child’s emotional state by reviewing the following guidelines and then contacting an attorney at The Seattle Family Law Group.

  • Remain in communication with your children and encourage them to speak about their feelings.
  • Try to remain positive  around your children.
  • Never badmouth your ex-spouse in front of your child. It creates animosity between the child and the parent.
  • Remain business-like with your former spouse. Everyone has limits, but it will greatly benefit your child if you remain as amicable as possible. Becoming reactionary or emotional with your ex-spouse can harm your child’s emotional state.
  • Never limit communication between a parent and child. The child should feel free to speak with his or her parent whenever desired. If you are concerned about a spouse’s behavior, t speak with a divorce attorney immediately.
  • Try to be honest with your children. Lying to your child about the situation can be damaging. On the other hand, giving them too much information will have a negative effect on their emotional state.
  • Don’t ask your child about the other spouse to find out information about their lives.
  • Always be kind and patient with your children.
  • Don’t take it personally if your child chooses to do something else during visitation times. If you feel your spouse is negatively affecting your relationship, speak with an attorney.
  • Listen to your child.