Prenuptial Agreements

Do you need a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are a great way to establish boundaries and rules in a marriage.  Approximately one in two marriages end in divorce, but only one in ten of those that get married actually get a prenuptial agreement.  Prenuptial agreements are a practical tool to provide certainty in your relationship.  It is a safety net that helps reduce tension and anger in the case of a divorce.

Prenups aren’t just for the wealthy.  For would be spouses with prior children, prenups can be a necessity since they can help define what assets go to your children.  Suze Orman strongly recommends them on her website telling readers to “protect yourself from the what-ifs of life.” Although mileage may vary, prenups can include a variety of issues even those such as housekeeping, adultery, or intimacy.

Are prenuptial agreements still taboo?

Prenuptial agreements are becoming more accepted by society.  Ten years ago, about a quarter of Americans said it made financial sense to get a prenup.  Today, a good number of adults agree that a prenuptial agreement makes financial sense.  It’s important to remember that having a prenuptial agreement is not an admittance to the fact that the marriage is destined to end.

In today’s world, a prenuptial agreement is no longer regarded as “wrong,” it’s seen as an intelligent step taken by two people.  Get in touch with a team of experts in the prenuptial agreement area, contact The Seattle Family Law Group today.

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Once you’ve made the decision to obtain a prenup, you’ll want to make sure that the agreement is drafted correctly.  Washington State has significant rules regarding the enforcement of prenuptial agreements which must be carefully followed when the agreement is drafted.

Clients in the Seattle and Tacoma area have sought out The Seattle Family Law Group for help with their prenuptial agreements. We realize that this type of legal process has an unwarranted negative reputation, and we work with you to ensure that the prenuptial agreement is regarded as a “just in case” step.

While a prenuptial agreement has a variety of positive aspects, it’s crucial to remember that in the event of a divorce, each spouse is protected and may want to marry a new spouse without prejudicing the inheritance rights of his or her children.

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