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When you have to move to a different area of the country with your child, the Washington State family court has the duty and responsibility to protect the child’s best interest. This is done to ensure that the move is not made under duress or does not break any existing laws or statutes. Both parents must be made aware of the intended move, especially if the child will be transferring from one school district to another.

In the case of a dispute, the non-moving parent must react as quickly as possible and contact an attorney. At The Seattle Family Law Group., we’re experienced in this matter and can file the correct motions quickly and accurately to delay the move. Even more important is the fact that our attorneys know the limits of the law, and how to best use past rulings and interpretations by the courts to ensure that the outcome of the events are to your liking.

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In the event that you are moving and need to alert your spouse, The Seattle Family Law Group can work with you to alert your ex-spouse of the intended move and proceed legally and correctly. It’s obvious that a move brings with it stress and a feeling of uncertainty, we can help alleviate those feelings with the assurance that our attorneys are experienced in relocation situations.

We have helped numerous parents and children resolve relocation issues without costly, unpleasant court battles. We feel that going to court, and running the risk of subjecting children to an environment that is unpleasant and stress, should be the very last resort.

That doesn’t mean we won’t make sure you and children are protected. That’s why, in some cases, restraining orders have to be used to keep the relocation from happening. We know this step might be unpleasant, but if it means you and your child are together, and safe, it’s worth the effort.

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