Grandparents’ Rights for Visitation and Custody in Seattle, Washington

Seattle grandparents rights lawyers can help you fight for visitation and custody in King County.

Grandparent custody cases are unlike any other type of custody action. Grandparents are driven to guide their grandchild to avoid the same mistakes that their own child made when growing up.

As a grandparent, you face an internal struggle as you deal with the emotion of taking legal action against your own child versus the emotional need to protect your grandchildren from harm.  The Seattle grandparents rights lawyers from our family law firm are dedicated to helping you understand your rights and the steps that can be taken to aid in obtaining custody.

Studies show that children who have a healthy solid bond with their grandparents are significantly more likely to achieve better academic performance, graduate from high school and college, and they obtain, on average, a higher median income than children without access to their grandparents.

Will I be able to get visitation rights to see my grandchild now that my son is getting a divorce?

If you do not have any pre-existing legal rights towards your grandchild, it’s extremely difficult for you to get visitation rights. If you are concerned with being able to see your grandchild, our usual advice is help your son hire a good divorce attorney. If you already have legal custody or if you have been exercising custody, then you might be able to get guaranteed visitation rights.

What if I have been the real primary parent all along?

In many of our cases, the grandparent has really been the primary parent of the child all along. For most of our clients, grandparent rights became an issue when their own son or daughter stopped exercising their responsibility for their child, forcing them to take action. More third party custody actions are started by grandparents than any other relative.

Although often ignored by Washington courts, grandparents play a critical role in the development of children. We believe that children don’t just need their parents, they need their grandparents too. Grandparents act as the backbone for younger parents providing at will day care, financial support, and emotional support to both their own children and their grandchildren.

What should I do about my grandchild if I suspect my son or daughter is doing drugs?

Seek legal advice. When a grandparent in Seattle seeks custody of their grandchild, they usually have two options: Call CPS and try their luck with the King County Juvenile system or take matters in their own hands by filing their own third party custody action through private counsel.

Grandparents face higher legal burdens than conventional custody cases. They must show more than it is simply in the best interests of the children for the children to reside with the grandparents. The most common reasons that qualify for third party custody are: neglect, mistreatment, or an unfit parent.

Grandparent custody right cases are extremely fact specific and no two are alike. If you wish to secure rights for your grandchild, you should contact our Seattle grandparents rights lawyers at The Seattle Family Law Group. We can answer your questions and review your specific circumstances to provide a roadmap for your best legal option.

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