Decades of combined divorce and family law experience fighting to protect you, your children, and your assets.


Seattle divorce and family law attorneys fighting to protect you, your children, and your assets.

Our lawyers want to help you build a bridge from your divorce to the next chapter in your life.

Our divorce and family law attorneys have experience handling all types of complex cases. Including cases involving the following:

  • Long-term marriages
  • Small business owners
  • Large marital estates
  • Men’s divorce and father’s legal rights
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Medical, dental, and financial professionals
  • Technology and software professionals

Feeling a little lost and overwhelmed?  Wondering what the road ahead holds for you and your children?  Worried about what your life will look once your King County divorce is finalized?  Our Seattle divorce attorneys understand, and we’re here to help you through this difficult time.  We are a Seattle divorce and family law firm with decades of combined legal experience helping hundreds of clients just like you.
The Seattle Family Law Group is a dedicated team of legal professionals who will fight to protect you, your kids, and your assets.  Our lawyers understand what it means to get caught in the gears of a King County divorce or family law crisis.  It’s often a long and drawn out process that often takes well over a year to complete.  During these turbulent times, it’s important to have steady hand on the wheel and a solid team of divorce professionals behind you.
Divorce is frequently an emotionally overwhelming and psychologically draining process.  Most mental health professionals list it as among most the stressful and the most difficult life events that any person ever goes through. We understand the road ahead, and we will be with you every step of the process.  Here’s the thing.  Even though your divorce or family law case will only last from a few months to a few years, the ripple effects will probably last a lifetime.  That’s why it’s important to the right information, the right help, and the right legal team behind you from the very onset of your case.
We get you.  We understand the value of your time.  Our firm caters to a group of clients who have reached a point in their lives where they began to value preserving their wealth and their time.  If you’re here, it’s because you realize that time is the one commodity you can’t replace.  Every day we all have less of it.  We understand your mentality.  Whether you anticipate your case to be simple and uncontested or one that is like to have a scorched earth approach, our lawyers have the resources and the experience to ensure you are protected on every critical front:  property and asset division, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), and all other family law related issues.

Our Seattle divorce lawyers are respected, trusted, and result-oriented.

The Seattle Family Law Group was formed with a singular focus:  Establish a results-oriented law firm that provides superior divorce and family law services at affordable rates.  With over four decades of combined legal experience, our lawyers are uniquely prepared to handle any type of Washington State divorce or family law matter.  Part of what sets our firm apart is that we take a team approach to every case.  This means that you benefit from the collective knowledge of our divorce and family law experience.  Every attorney is available to provide and offer their experience and expertise in every other lawyer’s case.
We are a unique divorce and family law firm that focuses on spouses who face complex legal and financial issues. These include but are not limited to cases involving long-term marriages of 20 years or more, cases involving small business owners, and cases that require experience handling the unique needs of entrepreneurs and start-up companies.  We also focus on family law cases involving significant assets or large marital estates.
Our divorce attorneys also have significant experience representing professionals in the medical, dental and financial fields.  Another important part of our divorce and family law practice involves advising men and father’s when it comes to their legal rights.  This is commonly referred to as the unique subset of family law issues regarding “men’s divorce”.
When you retain the Seattle Family Law Group, you are getting the resources and the experience typically associated with large law firms, but with the personal touch and customer service that only small law firms can typically provide.  We love what we do, and we are passionate about the results we achieve for our clients.  We often represent small business owners and professionals that are tired of a lifestyle that affords them no time with their children.
And, we have a lot experience guiding the lives and assisting individuals over fifty seeking to preserve their wealth through the most stressful and dramatic periods of their lives.  Our clients want to spend their time focused on those things they value most: their family and freedom.  They don’t want to spend their time on a divorce or legal separation.  We get it.

Our Seattle divorce lawyers will ensure that your King County divorce or family law case get the personal attention that it deserves.

Our experienced Seattle divorce lawyers offer personalized care and attention because no two divorce cases are ever the same. Indeed, your personal goals may be far different from any other client we’ve ever represented. Providing you with the best end result possible starts from the first moment our Seattle divorce attorneys begin addressing your needs.
Our attorneys firmly believe that nobody understands your Seattle family better than you. This is why we listen to your concerns and then act as your personal advocate with the Washington family court. With no single formula guaranteed to offer success, our divorce attorneys in Washington State understand that hard work is often the biggest difference maker.

We’ve dedicated our lives to protecting our client’s unique interests.

When push comes to shove, you’re here because you don’t want to waste your time allowing someone to learn on your dime. We help small business owners, entrepreneurs, seniors, and baby boomers just like you solve their family law related legal issues.  We understand the unique needs of our clients and work hard to develop a reputation which caters exclusively to them.
We help baby boomers with child custody issues, specifically gaining custody of their grandchildren.  We  help ensure that our client’s estate plans are in sync to ensure the preservation of their wealth through wills and trusts.  We work foremost to help preserve the wealth of our clients so they can focus their time on themselves and their family.

Find a family law firm that understands what is truly at stake and that will fight to protect you and preserve your legacy for your children.

Our Seattle divorce lawyers have helped hundreds of divorcing spouses who owned their own business.  We understand what’s at stake when your business and your family legacy is on the line.  This means that our attorneys understand the mindset of someone who has to make payroll.  We know what it is like to work long hours. We understand the importance of being able to delegate something, and know that who we’ve delegated a task to will get it done.  In short, we get you.  When you need to protect your business and the legacy you’ve built, contact one of our Seattle family law attorneys to arrange a consultation.   Hurry, you’ll want to do it before your wife gains the upper hand financially.
A divorce is difficult, but you can get help from our team of Seattle divorce attorneys.A Seattle divorce is one of life’s most difficult challenges, and it will dramatically affect the lives of both you and your children. Even if the divorce is amicable and friendly, it may leave you feeling alone, bewildered, and question whether you’re making the best choices for you and your kids.
As you manage the divorce process and take your first steps into the next phase of your life, how can you know for certain that you’re making the best possible decisions for you and your Seattle family?
One of the hardest parts of a Seattle divorce is constantly being faced with difficult choices that demand compromise, even when you believe you are right and your former partner is wrong. When tough decisions need to be made, you will benefit from experienced Washington State divorce attorneys who will treat you with honesty and respect while offering you trustworthy counsel. Developing trust with your Washington State divorce attorney will lead to confidence in your choices, easing some of your emotional burden and clearing the path toward an independent future.
As you enter into a divorce it’s normal to have doubts and questions, but you can start getting some reliable legal information by speaking with one of our Seattle divorce attorneys. A qualified attorney from our Seattle law office will aggressively defend your interests throughout your divorce, family law, or custody case. By offering you with a cost-free case evaluation, we believe that we can earn your trust by helping you make an informed decision about professional legal representation. If you choose our respected Seattle law firm to represent you, we will fight to achieve realistic goals while fully developing a professional relationship based upon honesty, respect, and mutual understanding.
Unfortunately, Seattle divorces sometimes become emotionally charged. Anger or resentment can boil to the surface during negotiations, and at unexpected times. Our Seattle attorneys will try to help you maintain focus when contentious situations arise, so that you and your former partner remain focused on working toward resolution. A positive attitude isn’t always easy to maintain, but it may be vital to reaching a fair and balanced agreement. The court requires that every aspect of your divorce is fair to both parties, so your Seattle attorney will help you negotiate agreeable terms for important issues that include:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Alimony (spousal maintenance)
  • Paternity
  • Legal separation
  • Modifications of support

Contact one of our qualified Seattle divorce attorneys and tell them how you would like your divorce to be resolved, and then they will give you a realistic idea of what to expect. One thing you should remember is that things may not always work out exactly as you’d hoped. However, going through a Washington State divorce requires that you maintain an open mind, and sometimes be willing to adjust your expectations as negotiations progress.
If your Seattle divorce lawyer tells you something that you don’t want to hear, remember that this counsel is only given with your best interests in mind.

Negotiating with help from our divorce attorneys in Seattle.

Your Washington state divorce attorney may have to take your fight to court, but negotiating a reasonable agreement with your ex-spouse and their attorney is always our first priority.
Your Washington state divorce attorney will act as your trusted adviser throughout the divorce process, compassionately addressing your needs whenever they arise. A Seattle divorce will most likely be stressful, so we work hard to minimize your emotional strain in whatever way we can. When questions arise, you can talk to your Seattle divorce lawyer for quick answers.

Contact our hard working legal professionals in Seattle for a  consultation today.

If you’re considering a divorce, talk to one of our Washington State divorce attorneys and find out what you can expect as the process gets underway. We realize that you are likely going through a difficult time in your life, but it makes good sense to protect your future by seeking reliable information from a qualified Washington State divorce lawyer.
Without obligation or risk, find out more about the law and how it pertains to your situation before taking the next step. If you choose to retain one of our experienced Washington attorneys, they will help you deal with issues involving property, alimony, paternity, child support, and child custody.

Looking for information about divorce and family here in Seattle?

Our Seattle divorce attorneys are here to answer all of your questions. If you are looking, however, to do some additional research about your Seattle divorce or family law case, you will find the following links extremely helpful.

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