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Our Seattle dad’s rights attorneys understand that fathers going through a divorce sometimes have fears about how they will be treated in court. It’s true that not too long ago, when a father was going through a Seattle divorce their legal rights were sometimes overlooked by the court in favor of the mother. However, dad’s rights are being fairly addressed in the modern age, which is a relief for many fathers.
One of the reasons the situation has improved for men is because many Seattle divorce attorneys worked tirelessly as advocates for the equal consideration of mothers and fathers. Our Seattle family law lawyers encourage both mothers and fathers to seek an amicable solution to their children’s custody arrangements. If a dispute proves inevitable, we recognize that a dad’s legal rights must be equally protected and will fight to protect them.
Studies show that a father’s role in child development is a vital part of their growth into productive, mature adults. Our Seattle father’s rights attorneys will work with you throughout the divorce process, addressing your needs as they arise.
We understand that you value your parental role, and want to take an active role in the development of your child. Our Seattle family law lawyers will offer you reliable legal counsel when you need it most, and help keep you focused on your goals. The relationships you develop with your children will benefit your children during their childhood and throughout their adult life. Our Seattle dad’s rights attorneys will help you protect the relationship you share with your child, while aggressively fighting for any visitation and custody interests that prove necessary.

Our family law lawyers in Seattle will help you with every detail.

Seattle divorces often involve child custody, child support, and visitation. Our Seattle divorce attorneys will guide you throughout your divorce negotiations, offering reliable counsel when you need it most.
If your divorce negotiations become argumentative, our Seattle divorce attorneys will compassionately urge you toward reaching an arrangement with your ex-spouse, which will benefit you and your child. If any agreement with your ex-spouse proves impossible because they refuse to treat you fairly, our Seattle family law lawyers may seek more aggressive alternatives like taking your case to court.
The family court will review the age of your children, their overall health, their living situation, and their bonds to each parent when making determinations regarding issues with your children. Parental health concerns may also be considered by the court.
A dad’s rights in a Seattle divorce may be threatened if the other parent decides to deny visitation rights or brings up questions of paternity without warrant. To prevent unfair treatment and ensure your parental rights are protected, contact one of our Seattle father’s rights attorneys today.

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