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Divorce lawyers for the Seattle, Washington area.

Ending a marriage is an intensely personal process that unfortunately must be legalized by the state. Whether you reached a mutual decision, or one of you decided it was over, mixed emotions can cloud your reasoning.  Our attorneys help sort out the vital issues and determine a course of action that meets your future business needs and goals.

Based in Seattle, Washington, the The Seattle Family Law Group represents entrepreneurial men or women, medical professionals, sales professions, small business owners in King, Pierce, and Snohomish County, and folks from all walks of life. Typically, your marital residence will determine where the papers are filed and where your case is heard.

A proactive approach.

Whether you are initiating the divorce or were served with papers, an early consultation is the best prescription to ensure the best results in a divorce case.  A judge will issue temporary orders regarding child custody, visitation, financial support, and use of joint assets.  Our attorneys provide needed information to help our clients develop a solid strategy.

As a boutique firm dedicated to wealth preservation for our exclusive clientele, we personally sit down with you to discuss your circumstances kneecap to kneecap and help you reach the right solution to preserve your wealth and legacy in the years to come.  By identifying clear goals, you will be better focused on your core issues even as emotions flare.

Our attorneys have handled all types of divorces, including:

  • Multimillion dollar asset splits with complex property splits
  • High conflict divorce cases involving child custody issues
  • Divorce cases involving hidden assets
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Gay and Lesbian Divorce (Same sex) divorce or ending a domestic partnership


About divorce in Washington State.

Divorce, also called “dissolution of marriage,” requires no grounds other than “irreconcilable differences.” The divorce can be granted even if one other party wants to remain married. The soonest a divorce can be granted, even if all details have been worked out, is 90 days after filing. If any part is contested, such as child custody, it may take much longer.

Divorces rarely go all the way to trial. When they do, it is expensive and drawn-out, easily lasting a year or more.  Our attorneys give clients realistic expectations about the process, and urge them to find common ground unless the other party or lawyer’s outrageous stance compels litigation.

Division of marital assets – keep more of what’s yours.

For most of our clients valued at more than $1 million, division of property is a hot button issue.  We determine which assets constitute community property and which are separate property (not subject to the divorce settlement). We are experienced in accurate valuation of QDROs (401(k), stock options, pension plans, IRAs), investments and business interests, multiple homes, and all joint property.

Equitable distribution does not require a 50-50 split of everything. In many cases, both parties are happier with a more creative division. For instance, if your spouse wants to stay in the house, you might be compensated for the home equity by receiving the lion’s share of the retirement assets. On the other hand, one party may agree to assume a greater portion of the household debts in exchange for an increased proportion of the assets.

Hire the best Seattle divorce attorney for your unique situation.

We’re a law firm designed and built to preserve and protect the wealth of small business owners, entrepreneurs, retirees, sales professionals, doctors, dentists, and other professionals just like you.  We understand that every client is unique.  No client took the same path to success.

That’s why our solutions are centered on examining your unique situation to provide the right diagnosis and thus the right prescription for your life.  Unlike many other law firms out there, we know we aren’t the right choice for everyone and we don’t pretend to be.

Minimize your uncertainty and find out how our innovative solutions can help you refocus on your goals instead of legal topics like divorce, spousal maintenance, child support, and/or child custody.   When you are ready to put your life forward, contact us for a consultation.

You’ve spent years planning and building your business to get your life to this point, you can let us diagnosis your individual circumstances to obtain singular incomparable results.  Get the best case for your divorce by hiring a family law attorney who understands your unique value and the fundamentals of success:  preparation, planning, perseverance, and persistence.

As a public service, we’ve provided the following divorce content for those interested in educating themselves.  If you find yourself needing more information, we recommend that you contact our office at (206) 633-2015 to get specific legal advice for your particular factual situation.