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Understanding family law in Washington can be difficult, but attorneys experienced in Washington divorce law can help you can get a better idea of how these laws apply to your particular situation.
The professional attorneys at The Seattle Family Law Group understand how divorce laws in Washington have changed over the years, and how to apply them to real people in real situations. Negotiating the various aspects of a divorce is often complicated, and emotions can sometimes get the better of people involved. This is why it’s so important to have an understanding of Washington divorce law before taking the first steps toward ending a marriage.
If your divorce negotiations fail because an ex-spouse refuses to cooperate, it may be necessary to take your case to Seattle family law court. Keep in mind that a judge may then be the final arbiter of the terms laid out in the divorce and family plan, which means trusting someone else to make decisions regarding your children’s future.
Our Seattle divorce attorneys will act as your advocate during negotiations with your ex-spouse, and with the court, even when situations involving children arise. The actions of our attorneys are governed by Washington divorce law, so we use these laws to help you meet every challenge during your divorce. We want to earn your trust because we believe it is essential to success, so we will work to maintain open and honest communication.
Any number of issues could come up during divorce proceedings, but Washington State family laws are written to address these situations. These issues include the division of property, alimony, paternity, child support, support modifications, and child custody.
Whether you’re considering a divorce or have already been served with divorce papers, our team of experienced Seattle lawyers will help you face the situation head-on. Washington State divorce law can be difficult to understand at times, and many of our divorce clients have questions about the Seattle divorce process. Our lawyers are eager to answer your questions, and will use their more than thirty years of combined experience in Seattle to help you understand how these laws can benefit or hinder your goals.

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Seattle divorces are emotionally draining experiences that cause stress and anxiety to adults and children alike. Divorces are even more daunting when faced with interpreting Washington State family laws while dealing with the court, your ex-spouse, their lawyer, and a judge. Sometimes it’s difficult to maintain focus on what’s most important, but our Seattle divorce lawyers will help you jump every hurdle by offering you reliable counsel based your goals and needs.
Washington State divorce law was written to protect your rights, and the rights of your children, so your lawyer will work within the parameters of the law to help you negotiate a fair agreement. After establishing a series of goals, we will then see how Washington divorce laws can be better understood to achieve them. Our Seattle divorce attorneys will be at your side throughout negotiations and even in family court, if necessary; always available with helpful information designed to resolve your case.
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