Child Support Modifications

Seattle Child Support Modification Lawyer

At various times, divorced parties must modify an existing child support or parenting plan, and the law requires a “substantial change in circumstances” for a change to occur.

Legal representation in these cases is best handled by the experts at The Seattle Family Law Group. We’ve represented thousands of mothers and fathers seeking modifications caused by changes in a child’s needs, job opportunities and other life events.

Adjustments to Child Support Agreements

Modifying a child support agreement can be done by either parent and these changes are decided in a “trial by affidavit.”

Briefs and financial statements must be filed by each side for a hearing. After this occurs, each side is allowed oral argument before the court. A ruling is then handed down.

Common reasons for modifications include:

  • A child reaches majority and the paying parent wants to end child support payments
  • Re-marriage of the primary spouse, creates financial recalculation.
  • An increase in the paying parent’s income necessitates an increase in support.

Modifications are categorized as major or minor adjustments. Major adjustments require a “substantial change in circumstances” and must be proved in court to be granted a custody agreement modification. Simply wanting to see your child more does not constitute as grounds for a major custody agreement modification.

Below are examples of circumstances that could necessitate a need to remove a child from the primary parent’s residence:

  • Harmful home environment that could result in deteriorating physical, mental and/or emotional health. (Drug use, neglect and domestic violence
    are examples.)
  • Being in contempt of the parenting plan twice in a three-year period or being convicted of custodial interference.

Minor adjustments may not require a “substantial change in circumstances.” Changes in work schedules or a change in home life, such as a re-marriage can apply.

The Seattle Family Law Group canĀ  determine your best course of action based on your situation. We’re available to represent you and make the right modifications to parental or child support agreements.

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