Father’s Rights

Seattle fathers’ rights attorney.

As a father facing a divorce, you have rights when it comes to child custody, divorce, child support, or paternity issues. That’s why The Seattle Family Law Group works to make sure you receive a fair portion of property and assets. We also ensure that your children are taken into consideration, we know how valuable they are to a father.

It’s important to remember that both parents have the same rights in regard to having their children in their lives. While the relationship between the spouses might not have worked, that doesn’t mean the relationship with your children has to suffer. A father’s role is vital in the development of a child, and with The Seattle Family Law Group on your side, you’ll be able to play that role.

Fathers’ rights lawyer in Seattle.

As a father, you’re entitled to visitation rights – remaining close to your child or children is of utmost importance. If you desire full custody, we can also help with that. Remember that the child’s best interests are the highest concern of the court, and if the mother is unfit, the court will take note.

A skilled, experienced attorney is what you need in divorce proceedings. Our divorce¬†attorneys have your best interests – and we’re familiar with the breakthroughs made in the law when it comes to father’s rights.

We stay current on the latest rulings when it comes to the gender of the parent granted custody, and we’ll use those rulings and decisions to make sure that you remain in your child’s life.

Make sure you have someone in your corner who cares, contact The Seattle Family Law Group today.