I Lost My Temporary Order Hearing in My Divorce Case, What now?

  So who’s fault is that? Lawyers don’t like to accept responsibility for anything, especially millennial associate attorneys….It’s always someone else’s fault.  Losing your temporary order hearing is like having your heart ripped out from under you.  You can’t breath.  You worry what can I do now?  Is it over?  Should I take my kids […]

Temporary Order Hearings v Trials and Final Orders – Which one is more important?

So….Does it really matter? Temporary Order Hearings v Trials In Family Law and Divorce cases in King County and Snohomish County, most divorce and third party custody cases will go to court early in the case in what is called a temporary orders hearing.  I’m often asked which one is more important.  When it comes […]

What’s the difference between a motion to vacate and a motion for reconsideration?

    Before answering that question, it’s best to jump  back and define when these motions would be used.  When a judge makes a decision, the decision gets written down into what is called an order.  The order is the written document of the judge’s decision in a divorce case.  The order can do any […]

Time Matters 11 and Practice Management Software

  If you’ve used Lexis Nexis’s Time Matters 11, you probably would agree with these two statements: One, it really is extraordinarily customizable.  Two, it’s billing integration and reporting capabilities leaves a lot to be desired.  Running reports out of Time Matters is cumbersome and often fruitless.  It’s partly for those reasons that about ten […]

King County Paternity Case Filings – More on the Domestic Case Situation in King County

  King County paternity case filings.   Last week there was an article about the slight drop in filings in King County Superior Court for domestic case filings.  Typically we find that divorce filings are proportional to the state of the economy where as bankruptcy filings are inversely proportional.  The saying goes that when the economy […]

Russell Wilson Files For Divorce

All Star Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson filed for divorce last week.   From a legal perspective, Mr. Wilson should expect to pay a relatively small amount in support to his current wife in the form of either alimony or equitable distribution of the martial assets.  Speculating what the final outcome will be in his […]

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