Increase in Seattle Women Paying Alimony to Ex-Husbands

Over the past few decades, women have been conquering pay scales, narrowing the gap with men.  As a result of this increased financial independence, Seattle divorce lawyers now find  more numbers of women paying alimony to their former husbands.

According to the results of a new survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more than 56% of the lawyers have come across an increase in mothers making child support payments.  47% have noted that over the past 3 years, an increasing number of women are making alimony payments to ex-husbands.

The tables have turned, and more women now are being required to pay alimony to their spouses.  This is the direct result of the changing scene in the workplace.  Women are now employed in virtually every field in the United States, and are successfully negotiating and obtaining pay increases.  As a result, not only are they financially independent, but they may also end up earning more than their husbands.  When a marriage like this ends, the woman may be required to pay alimony to the man.

There have been a number of recent examples in the media involving high-profile women who paid heavy alimony to their husbands.  One case involved ex-Yahoo chief Susan Decker, who settled her divorce with her ex-husband for alimony of $71 million.

Many cases involving alimony payments by women that Seattle family lawyers come across involve women who worked, while the men stayed home to look after the children.  Such cases increased substantially after the recession, which affected working males in sectors like manufacturing, much more than it did working females. Decker’s alimony is a typical example of a woman climbing up the corporate ladder, while the husband maintained a comparatively low profile.


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