Deadbeat dads, who renege on child support payments, cause billions of dollars worth of losses to taxpayers, who end up having to support the child.  In fact, according to statistics released by the federal administration, in 2009, these deadbeat fathers owed custodial parents approximately $108 billion in back payments.  Almost half of that money was owed to the government.

When deadbeat fathers choose not to make child support payments, the custodial parent may have no other option, but to seek assistance from public welfare programs.  The Census Bureau estimates that 61% of the $35.1 Billion that was due in child support in 2009 was reported collected.

The failure to make child support payments affects low-income custodial parents – typically mothers – very badly.  Approximately 2% of all custodial parents are estimated to be women.

When these mothers fail to receive child support payments, it only increases their financial struggles, and pushes them below the poverty line further.  In fact, for low- income parents, child support payments account for more than 62% of their average income.  When you depend for more than half your income on an irresponsible father, who fails to make child support payments, it only pushes you further below the poverty line, and makes you dependent on the public welfare system.

These custodial parents have no choice, but to turn to government welfare programs for assistance, which means the taxpayers end up having to take on the burden of supporting the children.

If a noncustodial parent finds himself in a situation where is unable to make child support payments, then he may file a petition to modify the amount of child support that he owes.  For instance, in the case of a reduction of income due to unemployment or business losses, the noncustodial parent can seek a modification in child support payments.

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