At some point along in your case, either at the beginning or just before trial, your attorney is going to present you with a question.  Do you want to mediate your case?  If your first thought is that this is an unnecessary expense because, “I know they won’t settle”, you might want to take a second look because you aren’t alone.  59% of couples entering mediation for their divorce case don’t think their spouse will settle in mediation.  That’s a big number.  If that’s caught you attention, do you wonder whether it might make sense for you to mediate your divorce case or take your divorce case to trial?


Divorce and whether to mediate – the seven key reasons.


There are 7 fundamental reasons why: Speed, Intrusiveness, Less Time, Privacy, Specificity, Finality, and Cost.  There’s alot of good reasons 98% of divorce clients settle their case rather than litigate it to final orders.  What to learn more about mediation and why these seven reasons cause more people to mediate their divorce case rather than take their case to court?  Find out more about mediation and the seven reasons why people mediate instead of litigate.


If you are considering mediation and settlement in your divorce case and would like the hand of an experienced Seattle Divorce attorney to review your case before you head into mediation, contact one of our Seattle divorce attorneys at (206) 633-2015 to arrange a consultation.

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