In the state of Mississippi, a former doctor is in trouble with the law for failing to pay child support. According to news sources, the former doctor recently pleaded not guilty to federal charges. His criminal offenses allege that he was living as a fugitive and also that he failed to pay thousands of dollars worth of court-ordered child support. The payments were meant to support his two children.

Earlier this month, in an attempt to flee the country, the former doctor tried to enter Mexico. However, he was arrested by U.S. law enforcement.

Back in May 2006, an arrest warrant was issued for the former doctor. In order to avoid prosecution, he tried lived outside of the country for years. This made law enforcement list him as a federal fugitive.

On Tuesday, the former doctor was brought before a judge. He entered a plea of “not guilty”. Following his plea, a trial date was set for February 6, 2012.

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