Concealing assets during a divorce is far more common than many people realize.  As Seattle divorce attorneys see, very often, spouses conceal assets in order to minimize their liability in a divorce.

Most often, it is husbands who conceal assets. Many husbands are able to get away with hiding assets because women are either not aware that such practices are widespread, or are too intimidated to actually complain about this.

Look for the following signs that your spouse has assets that have not been disclosed as part of the divorce process.

Your spouse may insist on maintaining complete control over his/her bank account information, and may not even share online passwords.

Spouses who want to conceal information are typically secretive, and may own a private post box, or mail box for receiving mail.

Also check whether your spouse has unreimbursed business account expenses.

If your spouse previously worked with financial software, and has recently chosen to delete the software, he or she may have something to hide.

Spouses sometimes complain that their income has been dropping, in order to minimize possible alimony payments.

If your spouse maintains a bank account in other countries that have lenient banking laws, then rest assured that he or she is secretly stashing money away.  Many people also choose to ferret money away in an offshore asset protection program.

Often, spouses who don’t want their real wealth to feature in divorce papers, may delay commissions or bonuses, or hold off on signing new contracts.

Another trick that Seattle divorce lawyers often see is creating phony debt with the help of family members and friends.

If you are considering a divorce, and have questions about child custody, child support, parenting, alimony, and other divorce-related issues, speak with a Seattle divorce lawyer at our firm.

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