Actress Katie Holmes took what was probably one of her more important divorce-related decisions, when she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise in the state of New York.  Both Holmes and her now ex-husband live in California, but the actress in a strategic measure that Seattle divorce lawyers were intrigued by, chose to file for divorce in New York.

There were important reasons for this move.  One of the reasons why Holmes filed for divorce in New York may have had to do with greater privacy.  In New York, divorce filings are not open to the public as they are in California.  Only Holmes and Cruise as well as their attorneys would have access to their divorce papers in New York.

There could have been another reason why Holmes filed her divorce case in New York.  That state’s comparative-fault divorce laws promised to be more advantageous for the actress.

However, in order for the case to be heard in a New York court, the couple had to meet New York residency requirements.  According to some reports, the divorce papers stated that Holmes and Cruise have been residents of New York for two years.

Holmes didn’t leave it solely to the New York courts to hasten her divorce settlement, however.  As a celebrity, she also mounted a high-profile media initiative against Cruise, being frequently photographed with her daughter doing regular mother-daughter things.  Much of the public opinion and media coverage of the divorce was in her favor, and not surprisingly, a quick settlement was announced recently.

Cruise, who stands to lose much more in terms of damage to his matinee idol image, probably wished not to aggravate the damage further, and quickly agreed to a settlement, which will grant her primary custody of their child.

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