No Seattle divorce attorney would argue that the best way for couples to separate is to go for an uncontested divorce, or an amicable divorce.  An uncontested divorce is one in which both partners agree to agree on most of the important aspects of the dissolution of the marriage, including child support, child custody, and spousal support without the need to stand before a judge.
Without question, an amicable divorce is also best for the children involved.  In fact, these divorces are always recommended when there are children in the situation, because the children’s feelings and sensitivities are taken into account.  If both partners in a marriage that is ending can speak to each other civilly and agree on important matters, the children’s lives will be as unaffected as you could possibly expect during a parental divorce.
However, just because you have an uncontested divorce doesn’t mean that you will sail through the divorce process, and end up being great pals with your ex the day after the decree is issued.  One of the things that people going through a divorce must remember is never to have great expectations from the relationship with the ex-spouse after any divorce, even if it is an amicable one.  You may remain friends, but the friendship may not be at the level that it was at before you decided to divorce each other.
It’s also not likely that you will get everything that you want in an uncontested divorce.  Uncontested divorces are no doubt fair to both the partners involved, but it is very likely that you may have to give a little in order to spare yourself and your family the anguish of a divorce finalized in a court.

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