It’s not often that you come across an article extolling the virtues of a divorce.  Divorce gets a lot of bad press, and you are likely to find more attention focused on avoiding divorce at any cost, rather than a pragmatic and practical look at how your life could actually improve after a divorce. However, there is no denying there are many benefits to divorce. Forbes recently encapsulated some of those benefits in a piece on the virtues of divorce.

The first benefit is the end of a stagnant relationship  Many marriages, regardless of whether spouses involved want to accept it or not, cease to grow.  A divorce can offer a couple a new way of looking at life, allowing both partners to make radical changes to their lives, and allowing both partners a chance for personal growth.

A second benefit is a common occurrence. Heard of couples achieving more personally and professionally after they got divorced?  That doesn’t mean that marriage can be confining, but sometimes it takes starting from scratch for people to develop an edge to their ambition.

Divorce is just healthy when you’re stuck in a hostile marriage.  A stressful life increases hypertension, and exacerbates cardiovascular problems.  When there are no solutions to your marital problems, divorce brings the obvious benefit of a healthier life.

Some benefits of divorce may surprise you. One of the biggest arguments against divorce is that it negatively affects children’s lives. That doesn’t have to happen. When handled well, even a difficult divorce can be a learning experience for both parents and children. Parent-child bonds can actually improve after a divorce, when the relationship between parents improves and energy is refocused on the child.

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