New York City men battling with questions of paternity could find that clearing their doubts and confusion is as simple as flagging down a mobile testing clinic that was launched recently.

The unit has been launched by Health Street, a New York-based company.  The mobile clinic is located in an RV, and travels around the city.  The cheekily named Who’s Your Daddy clinic promises men instant answers to their paternity-related questions.

All you have to do is get a prescription from your physician, and get a paternity test done in the clinic.   The cost of the test begins at $299, and testing is available on the spot.  The sample is collected in the RV, and then transferred to a lab.  You could get the results of your test within 5 business days.

According to the promoters of the clinic, demand for mobile paternity testing clinics is high, because of the number of men who have doubts about allegations of paternity leveled against them.  Many children are now born to unmarried women, raising important questions about the paternity of the children.  Determining paternity is a vital part of determining child support and child custody.

In fact, most paternity tests are based on requests by state child support agencies.  However, this mobile clinic includes a hefty percentage of male customers who want to confirm if they are the fathers of children born to ex-girlfriends.  Veterans returning home from combat are also turning to paternity testing in order to make sure that the child born when they were away on combat duty is really theirs.  Some customers include women who are confused about which of their sexual partners is responsible for the pregnancy.


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