Paternity Testing Truck Offers Quicker Results

New York City men battling with questions of paternity could find that clearing their doubts and confusion is as simple as flagging down a mobile testing clinic that was launched recently. The unit has been launched by Health Street, a New York-based company.  The mobile clinic is located in an RV, and travels around the […]

New Blood Test Could Help Determine Paternity Quickly

A new technique, first developed in order to detect signs of Down syndrome and other birth defects in children, is now being increasingly used to quickly match DNA and detect paternity. The noninvasive technique involves a simple blood test.  Blood is drawn from the mother, and researchers then separate the DNA sequence of the mother […]

Child Custody Arrangements during Summer

For most divorced parents with children, summer is that time of the year when normal scheduled parenting arrangements are placed on hold. With school out and kids on different schedules, new arrangements are implemented.  In many child custody agreements, parents decide to share some time with their children during the summer vacation.  While this can […]

Standardized Child Custody Laws for Service members

Service members who are deployed in other states, or have other issues that affect their child custody arrangements, have little recourse under the law.  There are no uniform, standardized child custody laws that can be applied to service members, who may be  subjected to frequent deployments.  A legal panel that studied the issue of service […]

Did Katie Holmes’ New York Filing Help Her Divorce Case?

Actress Katie Holmes took what was probably one of her more important divorce-related decisions, when she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise in the state of New York.  Both Holmes and her now ex-husband live in California, but the actress in a strategic measure that Seattle divorce lawyers were intrigued by, chose to file for […]

What You Shouldn’t Expect Out of Your Uncontested Divorce

No Seattle divorce attorney would argue that the best way for couples to separate is to go for an uncontested divorce, or an amicable divorce.  An uncontested divorce is one in which both partners agree to agree on most of the important aspects of the dissolution of the marriage, including child support, child custody, and […]

Handling Stress During Your Seattle Divorce

No Seattle divorce lawyer would deny the fact that divorce is one of the most-traumatic experiences in a person’s life, next only to the death of a loved one.  This is one of the most difficult life transition experiences for most people.  Even an amicable divorce can be difficult for most people with reasonable coping […]

Most Child Support Payments for Children below 21

New data on child support payments across the country include a number of statistics that Seattle family lawyers will find especially intriguing.  The data based on U.S. Census Bureau statistics finds that approximately 59% of the total child support payments that were made in 2010 were towards the support of children below the age of […]

Modification of Child Support in Seattle

Child support payments in Seattle may not be always be the final word.  There may be certain circumstances that arise after a divorce that may necessitate a modification in the child support payment plan. Understandably, these are extremely emotional and sensitive matters, and must be handled with great tact and caution.  One of the most […]

House Passes Legislation on International Child Support Payments

New legislation that has been approved by the House of Representatives is aimed at making it easier for states to collect child support payments when parents live outside the country.  The measure is the first step towards the United States’ ratification of an international treaty on child support, which would also make it easier to […]

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