Taxpayers Pay Billions of Dollars in Child Support

Deadbeat dads, who renege on child support payments, cause billions of dollars worth of losses to taxpayers, who end up having to support the child.  In fact, according to statistics released by the federal administration, in 2009, these deadbeat fathers owed custodial parents approximately $108 billion in back payments.  Almost half of that money was […]

Increasing Use of Postnuptial Agreements

Many American brides-to-be are now asking for a postnuptial agreement.  In fact, in a recent poll conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more than 50% of the lawyers admitted that they had seen an increase in the number of post-nups being signed. As many as 51% of the members of the association cited […]

How Not to Deal with Children During a Divorce

A new HBO documentary focuses on a child’s view of divorce, and offers parents some very important advice about helping children avoid the bitter fallout of divorce. The document is titled Don’t Divorce Me!  Kids Rules for Parents on Divorce.  It debuted recently on HBO, and is expected to be aired several times in the […]

Rapists and Visitation Rights

An interesting case out of Massachusetts is making headlines around the country.  The case involves a rapist, who admits that he is the father of the child born to his underage victim, and is seeking visitation rights to the child. In the state of Massachusetts, this is considered to be a precedent-setting legal fight, with […]

Pre-Wedding Nerves Associated with Higher Divorce Rates

Women who develop cold feet just before the wedding have a much higher risk of getting divorced and lower rates of satisfaction with their marriage.  According to a new study by researchers at the University Of California- Los Angeles, pre-wedding jitters, especially those that affect women, can actually be a divorce predictor. The researchers followed […]

Senior Couples Now Prefer to Cohabit

There has been an increase in the number of senior couples who prefer to live together without matrimony.   These couples could clearly define their financial rights through a cohabitation agreement. An increasing number of senior couples now prefer to live out the rest of their years living together, without ever separating or getting married. According […]

Technology Used in Child Custody Disputes

Technology can be an effective tool for dividing parental responsibilities, and there’s no doubt that instant voice messaging technologies like Skype, Gmail Talk, and Facebook help parents in their new altered child custody and parenting arrangements.  Unfortunately, the use of technology is increasingly featured in attempts by divorced couples to turn children against the other […]

Researchers Study Co-parenting Styles and Challenges

Not all co-parenting arrangements work in the best interests of partners and children.  Very often, Seattle family lawyers find that parents may be unable to separate their marital issues from their role as parents. This can introduce plenty of conflict in an already delicate child custody situation. A new study focuses on different co-parenting styles. The study […]

Benefits of Divorce

It’s not often that you come across an article extolling the virtues of a divorce.  Divorce gets a lot of bad press, and you are likely to find more attention focused on avoiding divorce at any cost, rather than a pragmatic and practical look at how your life could actually improve after a divorce. However, […]

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